Town Hall Meeting

We are excited to be hosting our first Town Hall Meeting of the year! Our children deserve educational choices, and we will continue our fight. Parents know their children better than anyone and which school settings foster their love of learning. All children are different and learn in different ways. One system doesn’t fit all!
As we have posted before, the Education Savings Account (ESA) program has been upheld as constitutional by the courts after

TWO lawsuits. And Governor Brian Sandoval has filed a bill with the State Legislature, which will provide the funding for this life-changing program and the families desperate for more educational choices.

While the opponents say only wealthy families will use this program we all know that many families with limited finances also want and need better educational options for their children. We know that one size doesn’t fit all in educating our children and our options shouldn’t be determined by our bank account. We all must fight for this educational right and make sure our stories are told so we can get the funding approved by Senator Aaron Ford and Assemblyman Jason Frierson.

Come learn how ESAs work from local and national experts. You will see just how successful this program is and what you can do to make this a reality for Nevadans! RSVP HERE: