Richard Becker’s story of why he supports the ESAs

My daughter was headed for Faith Lutheran Middle School next year, but the failure of our legislature to act in favor of ESAs this year put the school out of reach. We now have to scramble, hoping to “win the lottery” and be accepted into a charter school or find an alternative private school within our very tight budget to attend for another year or two until ESA funding is resolved. You see, people seem to have this misconception that ESAs somehow help wealthy families. This isn’t our experience.

We, like many families, make as many sacrifices as we can to send our children to the schools of our choice. But as children get older, our education budgets don’t keep pace with the cost of tuition. Funding ESAs would help offset the growing gap and help our children continue on the path they have worked hard to obtain. For this reason, I am begging you to listen to our voices. We are the parents and know what is best for our children. Please find an alternative source of funding to make the Education Savings Account program a reality for our children.

All children are different, and they learn in different ways so they need to have an educational system that supports different learning styles. When it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all. We know this to be true because unlike our daughter, our son did attend public school his entire career and it was mostly fine for him. Our daughter is different in that she performs her best in a different environment.

In both cases, we put our children first, making decisions that are best for them. I believe it’s time that our state put our children first too. They deserve it! Allow parents a choice. Please support us in this life-changing program and help us find a solution so our children can have the opportunities they deserve to succeed.