“Parents for Choice” Talks

2018 is here and to begin our new year, we want to launch our first “Parents for Choice” Talks.

This event is meant to help uncover the meaning of School Choice. Parents, at times, may not understand the different types of choices available to them when it comes to education. What is the difference between a charter and a magnet school? And so on.

At this event, we will learn the different types of School Choices and how to search for quality schools around the Las Vegas Valley. We will also learn about the Opportunity Scholarship and important information about open enrollment dates, as well as other various scholarships.

Seats are limited for this event and you will need to RSVP to
secure your seat. RSVP here: NVEDCHOICE@GMAIL.COM or http://bit.ly/choicetalks

Whitney Library
5175 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89122
Saturday, January 20 at 10:15