Nevada Latino families share why ESAs will help their children be successful in the future

On June 3rd, with less than 4-hours notice, Nevada families showed up to rally at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building. The Latino families were there that summer day to let their voices be heard: the newly enacted ESA bill needed to be funded. There were only three days left to make sure that this happened.

We captured their heartfelt words in the video below. They expressed how much they cared about the program and how life changing having an ESA would be for the lives of their children. They were tired of seeing their children left behind and wanted to have the opportunity to give them the education they thought was best for them. Most notably, they declared that they were going to hold Democrats accountable during election time and stated that their vote will have an influence.

In spite of the actions taken by the hundreds of parents who rallied that day to tell legislators that they wanted ESAs and how important it was for them, Democratic Senate Leader Aaron Ford refused to accept every compromise offered to him to fund the ESA program. Unfortunately, the Democratic leadership ignored the begging voices of their Nevada constituents. ESA supporters will fight harder than ever to make sure to change this and hold our elected officials accountable in the future.

Although we were unable to secure funding for the ESA program during the 2017 session, we were still successful. With our voices, we were able to secure an extra, one-time $20 million increase to the Opportunity Scholarship program. Families that were denied an ESA will now have access to an Opportunity Scholarship. While some progress was made, there is still so much to do to make the ESA program a reality for Nevada families.