We need ESAs!

In 2012, my son was in fifth grade in public school. He started failing his classes, which was puzzling because he is a very bright child. We talked to his teacher and were told, “It’s ok, he has really good behavior!”

It’s ok that my son is failing because he behaves himself in class?! No, it’s not ok! We worked with him and took out part of my 401K to pay for tutoring.

In sixth grade orientation, his math teacher told all the parents, “About 80% of students fail this class since we do math on a netbook now. There’s very little teaching by a teacher. Don’t be alarmed if your student doesn’t pass, they will still move on.”

We are setting up and expecting our students to fail and that’s ok? No, it’s not! Sure enough, within a month my son brought home a report card with failing grades and I was told he would have to do an extra hour after school every day. I immediately removed him from the school and tested him. In spite of always doing well on state tests, he showed a year behind in English, as well.

I decided to homeschool him and by the end of the school year, he had done two years’ worth of English and was back on grade level in every other subject. He was excited about school and had his self-confidence back with straight A’s!

The next year, I pulled my stepdaughter out of public school as well and went to work for their tuition at a private school doing administrative work and teaching a class. The only issue is that I had to leave my 2 year-old and 9 month-old in a daycare and they immediately started having issues. My baby son wouldn’t eat for anyone else and my daughter started having major stress about potty-training.

Thankfully, I was able to go part-time at the private school and still have my kids enrolled there. There is no way I could afford a private school without this arrangement and I know many of my mom friends are in the same situation.
Nevada public schools are failing our children, and they are ok with that, as long as everyone behaves themselves. Parents who care about their kids’ education and well-being, but don’t have the money to do anything about it, need another option! The ESA can be that option!

Please keep working hard to pass the ESA! Our children need it and deserve a better education to become skilled and successful workers in adulthood. We owe them at least that much!


Mrs. R.

A Parent Who Cares